Private equity / Investment Process

Investment process

Our goal is to provide promising companies with funds and help in raising additional capital to finance their business development, so that they can realize their growth potential and capitalize on created value

We focus on industries that have the best development prospects and indentify potential opportunities both through active origination and due diligence and through our dialogue with numerous management teams, members of the financial community, and potential corporate partners. Our broad network of contacts within the investment, commercial banking, private equity, and investment management communities allows us to attract opportunities with well-positioned prospective portfolio companies

We use the following criteria when selecting target companies:


  • Professionalism and a distinct track record in the industry or sector
  • Dedication to the project under consideration
  • Willingness to initiate and implement changes and adhere to high corporate governance standards


Growth potential

  • Potential for growth in the relevant market or segment
  • Potential to achieve a leadership position in the relevant market or segment
  • Distinct competitive advantages that permit the fulfillment of growth potential


Development strategy

  • Comprehensive understanding and commitment to the company’s development strategy for the upcoming three to five years
  • Clear understanding of the company’s financing needs and a specific plan for the use of capital


Exit Strategy

  • Dedication to achieving set goals
  • Willingness to buy into the agreed-on fund’s exit strategy
  • Management commitment to the company after the fund’s exit