Private equity / Investment strategy

VISUM Capital invests in small private companies primarily by making direct equity investments, although debt or mezzanine financing may also be an option. We believe that investments in small developing companies should offer attractive risk adjusted returns thanks to their inherent operational responsiveness and growth potential

Our current portfolio is comprised primarily of common stock and other equity interests. Our targeted investment currently ranges between EUR 5 million and EUR 10 million, although this investment size may vary proportionately as the size of our capital base changes

VISUM Capital considers co-investments with larger financial partners, when the required investment size is above our cap

While our primary focus is long-term capital appreciation through private equity investments, we may invest a portion of the portfolio in opportunistic investments in order to seek enhanced returns for our investors. Such investments may include investments in high-yield bonds or securities of public companies that are not thinly traded. We may also invest in cash equivalents and other high-quality debt investments that mature in one year or less. In analyzing investments in the secondary market, we will employ the same analytical process as we use for our primary investments

Our principal focus is to provide equity capital to small companies in a variety of industries, with preference given to the consumer, healthcare, alternative energy, and technology sectors. We generally seek to target companies that generate significant free cash flow, have experienced management teams, and possess strong competitive positions within their respective industries